There are different English language courses that you could take and are required by different academic institutes all around the world if you want to pursue the education in some foreign country. These language test are required to understand that how much fluent is the student in understanding the English. These courses prepare the students and other individual for different tests which are required. The English for the academic purpose is the entire course which is designed specially to help the students develop verbal, written English language skill. Not only this program enables the student in the English communication but also prepares them for the English environment academic such as taking notes, reading, presentation and discussions.

What are the kinds of the English for academic purposes?

There are total of three kinds of the course in this. One is designed especially for the intermediate level in which most the effort is done at the student level and he is taught various skills such as the language skill as well as other academic skills. This course is usually very intensive. The second course is for the pre advanced students and the third is for the advanced level. Each of these courses have different level of intensity and use different approaches to teach the students based on their level of the English understanding. Visit if you are looking for ESL CDS.

Who teaches these courses?

Highly trained professors who have experienced in the teaching of the English language are there to guide the students. These teachers usually have an perfect OET in Sydney which is the English language teaching in which the teachers are given different terminology, techniques and concepts which are helpful in the teaching of the English language. As the English language is also ever evolving and the teachers must also know that how could they make it easy to understand and learn for the students coming from different parts of the world, this ELT is important. There are books and courses available which actually teach the teachers and then these teachers further transfer their knowledge to the students. Various books of ELT include dialogues, stories, jokes, conversations, plays and many more such activities.

 What qualification is required for the teachers?

The qualification varies from the country to country. In some countries and the institutes, it is not necessary to have a degree or some kind of the certificate to teach the English whereas in some countries this is required. Not only this, but in some institutes, the teacher must be native English language speaker and he needs to show the proof of his proficiency in the language before he can actually start teaching it.